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The island of Uzi is an island in the archipelago of Zanzibar, located south of Unguja (Zanzibar), in correspondence with the ruins of Unguja Ukuu.
With a length of six km, Uzi is the second largest island among those surrounding Unguja (after Tumbatu to the north). About 6000 people live on the island; the main settlement is a village also called Uzi.
Uzi belongs to the protected natural area of Menai bay (Menai Bay Conservation Area), has little tourist flow and a natural environment still largely uncontaminated; there are mangrove forests and many animal species, including the red colobus of Zanzibar.
Uzi is connected to the island of Unguja via a road built by the village, the peculiarity is that at high tide (ACCORDIN TOT HE TIME TABLE) the road is completely submerged. An old man from the village will take you to your destination with a local boat.
Full day to discovery this amazing island and village,lunch local is included in a local house.Water is included,guide,boda boda (local motorbike),car,boat.

PRICE STARTING FROM $ 85 per person

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